There are 7 billion people on earth and 6.9 billion of them are living in peace

Outstanding interview here with Jeff Salzman by Alex Howard of the London-based, Conscious 2 TV. During the talk, Jeff explains why, despite our need to find personal outrage and subjectivity (a natural, and mostly healthy human trait) in the negative news we hear, see, and read, that the world has never been in a better, more peaceful state.

Even in our darkest hours of anguish over violence and loss, it’s important to remember this. Humanity as a whole, sometimes kicking and screaming, isbeing dragged up the spiral of consciousness.

My God is a Sullen Stranger

My god is in the margins,
a proud and sullen stranger going nowhere.
He no longer changes with the seasons.
That was before the war, when the leaves still had color. Before the symptoms.
Like Horatius at his bridge, he waits in plaintive contemplation. But for talk of babe and field and maiden, he guards nothing but his own honor. He thinks himself the coming horde’s mark, yet they would come for whosoever stood watch. His haughty and glistening armor, horse and crest, polished sword and plate…gifts from his ancestors.
He is a myth in a bottle–
Break in case of crisis.
Break for sake of yore…
one afrights you, the other makes you proud.
And he is there always–your rod and staff and squawking parrot.
My god is in the margins. He is both hooded hangman and shallow buried bandit.
See his light. Feel his nothingness.