Tryin’ to get back that magic!

Now,  (B)ryan , you KNOW I’m the FIRST guy to say shit like, “Punk is dead–and goddamn good riddance–goddamn shaved-headed-but-yet-going-for-goth-and-not-too-violent-headbutts-are-as-bad-as-it-gets-with-us type of vibe” even though I feel it like the next guy,  SO I’m COOL with it all being alive OR dead, and thinking hey we’re all worth huggin’, RIGHT?

But, holy shit, what if you then took that 90’s garage throwback “nothin-but-unfiltered-bass-and-distorted-guitar-dead-moth-in-the-empty-beer-glass-at-three-in-the-morin’ sound” and turn a round and told me “I’m just gonna lay this right there on TOP of that punk shit”?!  ..Well—JESUS–well, you know i’d be even more redassed to say the least…  …  ………BUT! Then here’s the kicker:  That’s exactly where I now find myself sitting here describing the band, Bully, in those very complimentary terms.  Plus throw in some Gwen Stefani-crossed-with-Lita-Ford-in-other-words-hyper-talented vocal stylings with a perfect concoction of smart-edgy-genetically-spliced-with-perfect-poppy lyrics! Except, and now listen, except you’ve gathered by now that my ass ain’t colored red;  and now I’ve seen it all in a new light–and its worth a — BTW did you know the chick from Sleater Kinney is also the chick in Portlandia?  Crazy!