“Fat Pie”

Bradley Beal, 20 year old St. Louis native and shooting guard for the Washington Wizards, describes why he doesn’t like Chicago Style Pizza. After scoring 26 points in their game 2 win at the United Center last night, Beal may not have to worry about eating deep-dish pizza any time soon. It seems like the young Wizards’ ship has finally come in, and most analysts are picking them to close out their first round series with the Bulls at home in DC. When you can ball like Beal, you can eat any damn kind of pizza you want.



Hinterland/Y Gwill

Hinterland: Richard Harrington

A new cult noir detective series from Swansea playwright Ed Thomas will soon be airing on BBC4 and also streaming on Netflix in North America. The series, which was shot in both Welsh and English (thus the two different titles), could very well be the next big thing on Netflix and is conveniently coming right off the heels of the HBO smash hit, True Detective. As a Netflix junkie this is exciting, and it’s also an interesting model moving forward in terms of content-accessibility across multiple platforms.

It also made me think my favorite album recorded completely in Welsh, Mwng”, by Super Furry Animals

Germany and Russia


Christiane Hoffman of Spiegel explains why Germans feel a special bond to the people of Russia and why this can be problematic when potential global conflicts arise. If you dig below the obviousness of prevalent anti-Americanism in both nations (from the left and right) and their common economic interests, you find two countries inexorably conjoined at birth by centuries of despotism, misery, unimaginable amounts of death, and (therefore) cultural isolationism.

Beautiful Tribute

Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty, and Local Natives all share their personal relationships with (and unique covers of) the music of Johnny Cash. Some cool shit here, and further evidence of why Cash’s music draws so many of us, all from different walks of life, near to it and tells us that whatever it is we’ve got, we’re not alone. 


“Pretty Smart Women”

The Post reports on a new app designed to shed (up to 15) pounds from your next “selfie” posted on social media. Susan Green, co-founder of the Phoenix-based company Pretty Smart  Women who helped launched the app, stresses that it is simply a tool that helps present a more “accurate representation” of oneself. While the creators swear they have no intentions of creating new cases of or furthering the severity of (existing) eating disorders, critics see this as yet another means by which women will try to conform to unrealistic body-image norms placed on them by society and pop-culture.